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GPR used on Mars

June 28, 2010

Science News has just revealed that scientists previously felt a natural force had recently carved pinwheel shaped troughs and a canyon near the north pole on Mars. This theory could not be tested beyond what they could see on the surface of this planet. That is until now. The origin of this spiral canyon was recently revealed to have been formed over an [...]

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Missing Bodies Plague Arlington National Cemetery

June 22, 2010

This headline was taken from the CBS News web site because I thought it was important to share this scandal with the readers of our blog. With today’s ground penetrating radar technology and computerized cemetery mapping systems there is no reason for what this probe has found. Apparently the investigation by the Army’s Inspector General reveals [...]

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Environmental Assessment of a Rattlesnake Habitat

June 14, 2010

This is our first blog post and I thought I would start with a unique ground penetrating radar application. Our company was commissioned to conduct an environmental survey to locate a prairie rattlesnake habitat (hibernacula) where an endangered Alberta rattlesnake makes its winter home. The reason it was important to locate this subsurface habitat was to [...]

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