Missing Bodies Plague Arlington National Cemetery

Arlington Cemetery GravesitesThis headline was taken from the CBS News web site because I thought it was important to share this scandal with the readers of our blog. With today’s ground penetrating radar technology and computerized cemetery mapping systems there is no reason for what this probe has found.

Apparently the investigation by the Army’s Inspector General reveals a “dysfunctional management system” at America’s most sacred burial ground. How can an organization with the type of resources available to them not have the most sophisticated cemetery mapping system in the country?

About five incidents have been identified in which remains were misplaced – starting with a casket found where there was supposed to be an empty grave to also moving remains without the permission of next of kin. A review of Arlington’s filing system has found 200 cases in which they can’t account for the location of the remains. As a result, it has been indicated, ground penetrating radar will have to be used to map the missing grave sites.

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