GPR 2010 Conference

The Institute for Archaeological and Monumental Heritage IBAM-CNR, the Department of Innovation Engineering and the Department of Science of Materials of the University of Salento hosed 13th International Conference on Ground Penetrating Radar June 21st – 25th in the historic city of Lecce, Italy. The latest developments in GPR technology were presented to about 200 attendees in a beautiful old stone castle.

Technical workshops and presentations included topics such as new approaches for efficient and cost-effective 3D GPR investigations and the trade-offs between GPR and other non-destructive testing techniques. In addition to the expected application areas such as geological, concrete infrastructure and archaeological discussions also included glaciological and planetary exploration uses of GPR. However, I’m not sure we are ready to expand our services to other planets just yet.

GPR instrument makers showed off their latest products in field demonstrations. One of the demonstrations allowed attendees to see 3D imaging over a natural archeological site. After the demonstrations the attendees had social time to mingle and exchange ideas over cocktails and dinner and for some that lasted late into the night.

The overall concensus seems to be that the conference was extremely informative and interesting. The next GPR conference is scheduled for 2012 and will be held in Shanghai, PRC.


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