Ground Penetrating Radar used for Snow Rescue

Ground penetrating radar has many applications from geophysical surveys to locating subsurface targets such as utilities below ground or rebar in concrete. Other practical applications include cemetery mapping to locate unmarked gravesites, locate drainage lines on golf courses, locate underground storage tanks and assist law enforcement agencies to find buried evidence and bodies.

It is also used to save lives. For some time now it has been used to determine the thickness of ice roads to prevent heavy trucks from breaking through thin ice while delivering supplies to remote areas.  Now it can also be used to rescue Avalanche Victims buried in snow!

SnowScan GPR

Sensors & Software have developed SnowScan Rescue Radar. A GPR sensor and Digital Video Logger (DVL) that can detect the movement of victims buried in soil, rock or snow. Small movements by the victims can be detected by the radar’s advanced signal processing and analysis. The DVL displays the probability of movement as a graph on the display. The depth of penetration can range up to 15 meters in snow and ice.

To enhance the investment for ski resorts this device also has other practical applications. Ski resorts can also use the SnowScan GPR system to evaluate the thickness of snow on their slopes in real time. The sensor can be attached to a handle and used while skiing down a slope or attached to a grooming machine with a DVL mounted in the cabin.

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