Ground Penetrating Radar Helps Find Noah’s Ark

With the use of secret military satellite imagery and ground penetrating radar scientists are claiming to have found pieces of Noah’s Ark buried under ice near the peak of Mt. Ararat in Turkey. Two large sections of Noah’s ark are claimed, by Daniel McGivern and his team, to be resting about 350 feet below the peak of the mountain.

noah's ark satallite image

Digital Globe via Satellite imagery of Turkey's Mount Ararat highlights an object within a red circle, with blue arrows indicating possible down slope movement. The imagery was captured by Digital Globe and made available through Shamrock-The Trinity Corp.

With the help of ground penetrating radar they discovered a large piece (24 feet x 123 feet long) embedded in glacial ice just 23 feet at one end below the surface and down to over 100 feet at the other end. A second large section has been reported in a glacier nearby.

Here is a GPR 3D Graphical Simulation of the discovered piece.

This discovery is completely based on imaging technology and will most likely remain buried under the ice. As McGivern explained, “There’s a huge problem with getting down to it, because of the fact that you can’t melt the ice”.

For more information about this topic visit Noah’s Ark Found (Daniel McGivern) web site.

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