Will GPR Uncover Jimmy Hoffa’s Remains?

A man on his death bed confessed to the police that he saw some men bury a “black bag” in a yard approximately 35 years ago in Roseville, MI. shortly after Jimmy Hoffa was reported missing. This is not the first time someone has claimed to know where Jimmy Hoffa is buried.

potential site of Jimmy Hoffa's Remains

Burial spot? This driveway in Roseville, Michigan, is the place where a tipster said could be the final resting place of missing Teamsters leader Jimmy Hoffa.

However, this time the Roseville Police Department brought in the Michigan State Police Crime Lab who used ground penetrating radar to scan the subject area for anomalies. The GPR technician did find anomalies in the area where informant claimed to have seen the burial.

The forensic pathologist from Michigan State University took a core sample under the concrete slab where the body is reported to be buried. This is to ascertain if there are human remains present before digging up the entire area. These soil samples are currently being tested at Michigan State University.

Once the results are made public we will let you know who or what they found.

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