About GPR Blog


If you are reading this you most likely have an interest in ground penetrating radar technology. Quite often we provide GPR services for some unique applications using ground penetrating radar and we would like to use this blog to share them with you.

Also, ground penetrating radar is finding its way into the general news as well. We will also use this blog to share any interesting stories about how ground penetrating radar is being used around the globe.

This technology is changing all the time.  We will let you know about any new and interesting GPR products or advancements in ground penetrating technology that we come across.

If you have an interesting story about ground penetrating radar applications or products please send them to us by email to blog@globalgpr.com.  To control the validity of the content in this blog we will review and verify the information before it’s posted.

We at Global GPR Services hope you enjoy the information we share here.