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Will GPR Uncover Jimmy Hoffa’s Remains?

October 9, 2012

A man on his death bed confessed to the police that he saw some men bury a “black bag” in a yard approximately 35 years ago in Roseville, MI. shortly after Jimmy Hoffa was reported missing. This is not the first time someone has claimed to know where Jimmy Hoffa is buried. However, this time [...]

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GPR Helping Restore History

August 27, 2012

During the past few weeks there has been news of ground penetrating radar being used to restore history on 2 different parts of our planet. One project takes place in Stony Point New Jersey where Dr. Alexander Gates , professor of Earth and Environmental Science, along with a group of high school students used GPR [...]

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GPR Locates Gravesites of Fallen Pioneers

July 13, 2012

The Town of Midland and the Heritage Committee are committed to uncover the past. A release from the town, as reported by the Midland Free Press, says ” The Cemetery is a source of great local heritage and lore, dating back to 1855 and the passing of William Wilson’s wife and her burial on the [...]

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GPR Helps Locate Mammoth Bones

June 26, 2012

A few years ago an Iowa farmer came across a very large bone while out looking for berries near their home. The family continued to dig and found additional bones which they kept in their living room. They kept it a secret until recently when he asked a geosciences professor from the University of Iowa [...]

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Ground Penetrating Radar Used to Locate Evidence

May 24, 2012

Like a scene from a TV crime drama a dozen FBI agents swarmed Robert Gentile’s home a few weeks ago. The 75 year old reputed Connecticut mobster was believed to have some involvement in a 22 year old art heist from a museum in Boston.  Thieves are said to have stolen $500 million dollars worth [...]

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811 Call Before You Dig Spoof!

April 9, 2012

Most people who read our blog know that Ground Penetrating Radar is an essential tool used for utility locating. Everyone knows digging, before you have the excavation area surveyed to locate underground utility lines, can be a risky proposition. Although utility locating is a very serious issue, this month I thought I would post a [...]

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NEW Concrete Scanning GPR Systems

March 15, 2012

It seems the trend in ground penetrating radar concrete scanning systems is to go smaller, lighter and more portable. These are all positive benefits for these new smaller systems. However, these benefits may come with a few compromises. The new “Mini” concrete scanning GPR systems featured in this blog are from two leading GPR system [...]

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GPR Locates Voids Under Airport Runway

February 6, 2012

A potential problem with voids under a runway was confirmed after a Boeing 737 dropped through the concrete taxiway at the Mid Delta Regional Airport in Mississippi. It was reported the airplane sustained approximately $1.5 million in damages (OUCH!). Ground penetrating radar was used to map any potential voids near the storm drain which crosses [...]

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2012 GPR Conferences and Symposiums

January 16, 2012

As a reference I have put together a list of upcoming 2012 conferences and symposiums related to ground penetrating radar technology. There is a brief description and a link to their web sites for more information. . Symposium on the Application of Geophysics to Engineering and Environmental Problems (SAGEEP) Date: March 25-29, 2012 Location: Tucson, [...]

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Ground Penetrating Radar Helps Find Noah’s Ark

December 12, 2011

With the use of secret military satellite imagery and ground penetrating radar scientists are claiming to have found pieces of Noah’s Ark buried under ice near the peak of Mt. Ararat in Turkey. Two large sections of Noah’s ark are claimed, by Daniel McGivern and his team, to be resting about 350 feet below the [...]

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