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Global GPR Services provides the following non-destructive subsurface imaging services…

Utility Locating & Mapping
Our utility locators will locate subsurface private & public utilities using ground penetrating radar, mark their locations and depths on site or map them on your site plan before you excavate >>> more info

Concrete Imaging
Our GPR technicians can locate rebar, conduits and post-tension cables in concrete slabs prior to drilling, coring or cutting to prevent extensive damage, repair liability and preserve structural integrity >>> more info

Geophysical Survey
We offer a geophysical survey imaging service for a non-destructive testing (NDT) evaluation to locate and map subsurface features & soil layers for environmental studies, mining surveys and other geophysical applications >>> more info

Locate Tanks (UST) Subsurface
For (UST) underground storage tank locating a considerable amount of time and expense can be saved to locate tanks non-destructively utilizing our GPR services >>> more info

Police Forensic Locating
When a non-destructive method to find evidence or locate buried bodies below ground or in concrete is required our GPR forensic locating service can save a considerable amount of time and expense >>> more info

Cemetery Mapping
Whether you need to locate a single grave site or map all the grave sites in a cemetery our GPR technicians can accurately locate each grave site non-destructively using ground penetrating radar. The locations can then be mapped on your cemetery site plan to show occupied plots and areas available for new plots >>> more info

Map Drainage & Irrigation
Our trained GPR technicians provide a non-destructive subsurface inspection to locate and map drainage, irrigation and utility lines. This can save time & cost for repairs or reconstruction of putting greens, tee boxes, fairways and other critical areas of a golf course >>> more info


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