Benefits of GPR vs Concrete X-RAY
Health Hazards? No Yes
(radiation hazard -
requires evacuation)
Performed During Normal Business
Operating Hours?
Yes No
Number of Staff Required? 1 Person
(no security required due to safe technology)
(2 operators +
security to block entrances into the area)
Access Required? Only 1 Side 2 Sides
Scan Slab on Grade & Foundation Walls? Yes No
Real Time Inspection? Yes No
(requires processing
& developing)
Can Determine
X-Y-Z Location
in Real Time
Yes No
Can Determine Depth of Cover
in Real Time?
Yes No
Maximum Area
per Single Scan?
24" x 24"
(standard in single scan)
16" x 16"
(standard in single scan)
Maximum Depth? 24" 16"

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Concrete X-Ray compared to Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) by Global GPR Services Inc.