When a non-destructive method to find evidence or locate buried bodies below ground or in concrete is required our GPR forensic locating service can save a considerable amount of time and expense. Areas that are suspect, but require a confirmation there is something in the ground, prior to excavation are ideal for our subsurface inspection services. The quick setup and rapid data collection means that the investigation can be performed with minimal interruption to property owners. This also means reduced cost for the law enforcement agency compared to the cost of excavating to determine if anything is being concealed.

Investigations can be carried out to find evidence or locate buried bodies in areas (behind walls, floors & ceilings or in the ground) that may not have been considered due to the destructive nature of conventional techniques. Using GPR we can determined if an area is clear or if further investigation is required. At which point investigations can move to other suspect sites in a timely manner.

Our trained field technicians collect and analyze the data in the field and in most cases can determine if anything is buried subsurface. The data is also stored in the GPR system and can be further analyzed by computer in the lab if required. Printed reports and graphs of the scanned area can be supplied for reference if documentation is required.

Our experienced GPR technicians have worked with various law enforcement agencies to locate bodies buried subsurface and in concrete, weapons concealed behind walls and to find various types of evidence and drugs buried in the ground.

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