Radar Concrete Imaging is sometimes confused with Concrete X-Ray to locate post-tension cables and other objects in concrete construction prior to cutting or coring. At Global GPR Services we use Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) equipment which uses sound waves that are safe and not gamma rays used in concrete x-ray equipment. The radiation from concrete x-ray equipment can be harmful to humans and therefore requires evacuation. GPR technology can also reduce the time and cost required for a concrete inspection because the results are available onsite in real time. Drilling or cutting through concrete floors, walls or ceilings can be dangerous and very costly if you don’t know what is under the surface. Our GPR technicians can accurately & quickly locate rebar, find conduits and identify post-tension cables before it’s too late. We can also measure concrete thickness and locate voids in concrete and behind concrete slabs. For more information see our Concrete X-Ray vs GPR Comparison.


Too often we hear from new clients, that even with a GPR concrete survey, they have hit conduits when coring or cutting an area they were told was clear of anomalies. Usually this is the result of inexperienced GPR technician or an incorrect scan process. In order to save time some GPR operators will simply do line scans (every 4”-6”) and try to connect the dots instead of taking the time necessary to create a high resolution 3D grid. The simple line scan process may work some of the time to locate rebar. However, conduits and post tension cables can easily be missed. Although it takes a little longer to collect the data, using a 3D grid process (every 2”), this can save the costs of damaging conduits & post-tension cables and even possibly physical harm to the person doing the coring or cutting. Our highly trained GPR Technicians will not take that risk. Because of our staff's training and experience we can still "get-r-done" quickly and efficiently with quality results.

"Our primary goal as a GPR service company is to ensure the most accurate results for our clients. The following example is a testament of our commitment to using the correct GPR data collection process every time... On a large concrete imaging project of over 20,000 (2’ x 2’) scans by our GPR Technician the client did not have a single hit in the areas that were cleared. We believe it’s always best to do it right the first time!"


In addition to imaging and marking the site for objects located in a concrete inspection we can also provide detailed mapped reports. These reports include diagrams of the scanned areas with locations and depths of located anomalies plotted to scale. This can be used for pre-engineering or just save you money down the road if you need to do further work in that area.

Accurate Concrete Inspection with Ground Penetrating Radar Concrete Imaging instead of Concrete X-Ray by Global GPR Services Inc.